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Baby Number FOUR. What?!

Yeah, so that happened! I'm in my 21st week. Baby is due September 17th, or so they tell me.

And YES, it is another GIRL. Can you believe it? If you had told me when I was in my early 20's that I would have FOUR GIRLS I'd have said you were smoking crack. And some good stuff.

Anywho, I see its been a few years since I've blogged. Crazy town. Chloe is now 7, Shelby 4 and Hailey 2. They are all great kiddos and beautiful.

Hailey kind of surprised me. She was so sweet and easy as a baby and then BAM she was mobile and is my BIGGEST mess maker. Her day consists of one mess to the other. All. Day. Long. Makes for a very tired and slightly frustrated mama. Sigh. But I love her to death and she is still my sweet snuggler. She is going to have a strong personality though. She doesn't take any crap from her sisters and will let them know quick if they are bothering her. She does love her sissy's though, especially Chloe. She is her favorite by far. She also loves to copy and do the exact things her big sisters are doing. She's still not talking near as good as her sisters were at this age, but she's getting there. She can mimic pretty much whatever you say, but she doesn't offer a whole lot of words just yet. She does know how to get her meaning across just fine though with the words she does know!

Shelby is playing t-ball this year! She LOVES IT. And is one of the best ones out there. Well, as in behaving and paying attention, lol. She's not the best catcher or hitter but she tries hard! She is also my horse girl. She has her own pony, Snowy, and would be out there every day if she could.

Chloe tried out girl scouts for a bit, but never really got into it much so we nixed that. She is doing great in school and is such a smart thing. She is going to be my bookish, smart one I think. She likes to read and draw and has no use for the horses. She's still my challenging one emotionally sometimes, but her meltdowns and upsets are very few and far between now, thank goodness!

Not much else has changed. We did start a small business on Etsy and FB making travel saddle stands 2 years ago. It has made us a LOT of money, although we have no idea where it vanished to, sigh. Yeah, we still such with money management. Lee and I are going on our 12th year of marriage, yikes. We have watched many couples we know divorce, its been sad. But we are still going stronger then ever. We are each others other half, and are not complete without the other. So why would we ever seperate??

Well there's your update for the next few years, lol. Adios!

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IT'S A....Plus Other Big News!


Yup, apparently we are just girl making machines! LOL.

So I really was NOT thinking I would find out at my 16 week appointment last week! But what can I say, my dr is flipping AWESOME. Period.

So he comes in the room and starts talking about how many weeks I am, when I will have my next appointment, which will entail the anatomy ultrasound, etc. And I pop in and was like, Yeah, about that! And I begin to expound how sweet and awesome he was and telling him my birthday is next week and I was SO hoping he would let me do my ultrasound then so I could make an announcement at my birthday dinner.

He starts smiling as he is looking at his paperwork, and goes, well, your just wanting to find out the gender, right? And I was like, yes! And he says well as far as that goes why don't we just look now and see what we can see. And I said HECK YES! :D

So we traipse in there and I lay down, and he finds her right off, a great bottom shot! And I see the LINES. Little silly girl lines! He says, aw, I was sure it was a boy! LOL, join the club!

But I am much less dissapointed this time. I think it's because I really didn't know yet, and hadn't built it up. I did still think she was a boy, going off my cravings and a few things that were different this time. But apparently all the old wives tales don't work on me!!

So he showed me her heart and we listened again, and got to see her bounce a bit and her hand up by her face :). Then we were done! So I DO go back for my 20 week anatomy scan on November 4th, and I am waiting until then for the 'official' announcement on Facebook etc. I have told my close family and all and a few friends too. But from my research online it's definitely NOT unheard of for a 'girl' to turn into a boy when looking as early as 16 weeks! And that is with ultrasound techs doing the scans. My doctor did mine so, we shall see!!

So I was kinda excited because I have a girl name I REALLY like, dare I say love?? And I mentioned it to Lee a few weeks ago and he kind of made a face and said a few things about it, but I thought he kind of liked it! Well now that I want to make that her name he is like NO, I DON'T LIKE IT. Bahh!!!!!!!! Frustrating man! I always have problems with him and names! Well, ever since Chloe that is, but we had already decided we liked that one years before we even got pregnant, lol. (We did have a few arguments over her middle tho!)

Anyway, the name I like is Liberty, Libby for short. IT'S SO CUTE! And goes perfect with her sisters names. Chloe, Shelby, Liberty. Aw.

I don't know, not holing a whole lot of hope that I can convince Lee he likes it, but we shall see. We still have 5 more months :).

I have this fun idea for a photo shoot to announce the gender of baby Mickle #3. I want to get small squeeze bottles of washable paint and put us all in white shirts and jeans and go out in the pasture and squirt the mess out of each other!! While someone takes pics. And also get the girls hand prints on my belly :). It's gonna be so fun!

16 weeks
I haven't done my 17 week pic yet so here is my 16! I'm still feeling good! Am having a bit of trouble finding something to eat that I really like. And I can't eat much of what I do find. Baby is already taking up lots of space! Amazingly I haven't even gained any weight since last month. I'm still 130. Whoop! I guess the walking and such has helped! I'm still going about 3 times a week for a mile. Still no heartburn (although I did have one bout the other day after mexican, lol, but two tums knocked it out!) or anything. But I am still peeing like ALL. DAY. LONG. And all night long, lol. Poor Lee, I try not to jostle him too much when I get in and out. Sleeping is challenging some times as well. I have a hard time finding a comfy spot to stay. And some nights restless leg likes to visit me. All par for the course!!

So I know of three other ladies that just found out they are prego! They used to be in my small group. Lee and I have since started our own. The other group up and decided all of a sudden that they were going to be a 'no kids' group, and that did NOT work well for us.

So my birthday was yesterday! 32! BLEH. It was a good day though. I had a nice day at work, my Lee Lee greeted me with a happy birthday that morning. And then they gave me a pioneer woman grill pan when I got home! Love it! After that we rushed to Olive Garden and had a great dinner with my family.  Though sadly I filled up on stuffed mushrooms, salad, and breadsticks before my soup got there! Lol.

I also have some OTHER BIG NEWS. I don't know if I mentioned this before but Lee and I tentatively got into a house flip partnership with my parents last year sometime. We tried to buy a few houses and they didn't work out or fell through. Well then my dad bought a lake house and he said he was out of money. -_-

SO, fast forward about a year and dad has one of his (7) rentals paid off and is starting to let me talk to him about some houses I've found.

Then the realtor we work with found us THIS one:

It's a 1971 ranch, 4 bedroom 2 bath. Approx 1600 sq ft. In good condition, has been updated a bit, not wood paneling and junk still. Has new carpet. Mainly needs updating in the kitchen and baths and floor/paint. Also a new roof. The front columns are pretty bad and need replaced too, and the garage needs a bit of work. We also want to open the front room up to the dining/kitchen area some more, so will probably knock a wall out somewhere. 

I'm SUPER excited. We just have started rolling on it, getting the bank going, appraisals done, etc. So will probably be another month (hopefully less!) before we can start working on it. I'm ready to go TODAY. 

I've already went into pinterest planning mode and have all sorts of ideas, lol. 

Well that's about all for now! Until later!

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13 Weeks!

Hello second trimester! I believe with a certain amount of chagrin I need to say that the belly I thought I had like a month ago was actually bloat. LOL.

But now there is a REAL belly! I popped about 12 weeks, as usual with the other two, and am to the no button OR zipper stage, usually with a belly band now. Wilma, one of my good friends, is going to let me use some of her little button things I think, its a tab that goes inside your jeans and buttons to them somehow that lets you leave them undone. Never tried those, so hoping I will like it better then the belly band. It can be annoying sometimes.

Also! Pretty sure I have been feeling the little munchkin moving for a week or so now. It's still in those, wait...was that the baby?? Or gas? stages, haha, but I have a suspicion it is the wittle one! It is about the size of a peach this week :).

Let's see, finally last week I got rid of most of the nausea. But I'm still having trouble finding something I want to eat. And if I don't eat quick enough when I get hungry, I do get nauseous. Fun stuff!! Also sitting down has becoming a slow, easy affair. Otherwise I feel like I'm pile driving my crotch up into who knows where. It HURTS. I remember this with my Shelby pregnancy as well. But other then that I've been good! Not overly tired, no heartburn really, headaches, etc. Yet, lol.

My 2nd appointment was last Wed, listened to baby's heartbeat and took measurement of my tummy. All was good and on track! Weight was 130. Next time I go in I will be 16 weeks, and then I'm hoping to talk him into letting me go back the next week, or latest the week after for my gender ultrasound! :D He seemed fairly amiable about it when I asked, lol.

I have been trying to walk at least 3 times a week at the park a mile at a good pace in the morning before work. I did awful last week but plan to pick it up again this week! I'm not going to be a lazy lay about like I was with Shelby.

So Labor Day was last Monday. We all went out to mom and dads lake house and had a really fun day boating, swimming and grilling. Here are a few pics!

The girls had a ball! It was perfect weather too. We have actually cooled off this weekend and week. In the 70's! Its been heavenly. Not sure if it will last, but hopefully!

Thats about it! Tata.

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Baby Mickle #3

All looks good!! Here is our little gummy bear!

8 Weeks 5 days
 I haven't ever had a first ultrasound be so clear with the other ones! You can see all the nubby little arms and legs! So the tech said I was measuring (or the baby was) 8 weeks 3 days, which was close enough to my 8 weeks 5 days they just kept my due date the same. I'm kinda surprised! I thought I might be a bit ahead. Anyway, March 19th it is! Or more likely March 20 something because I'm sure this one will homestead in there like the other two!! That's okay though, I want as close to April as possible really!

So after she measured the baby a bit she showed me the yolk sack, and also told me I ovulated from my right ovary, which was kinda neat, but useless, information! Then she found the heartbeat and we got to hear it for a second. Sounded good she said! I still can't find the little stinker with my home doppler though! But I keep trying every few days or so.

After that the girls and daddy went searching for diapers (someone had a stinky and mommy forgot to reload the bag with diapers) and I waited to be called back to see the doctor. That didn't take too long, and was pretty simple. He came in and said here we go again! Haha, then said, well you tell ME something about pregnancy, lol. He asked how Shelby was doing. He had forgotten about her being breech and trying to come out with her hand in her face though, how, I don't know! And after that we were done!

So I am 9 weeks 3 days today, here's my 9 week pic:

9 weeks

And just a random pic of me in a cute cardigan I got from one of my friends, lol. Speaking of friends, a few months back we, well I, started a ladies bible group. We have our normal Friday night group still where us couples (and silly kiddos) all come together and do one, but we all felt like we needed some sort of group just for US. I wish the men could do one too, but so many of them work out of town. Anyway, I'm not the leader or anything, but I try to keep us organized. We meet in different places each week. Usually someones house. 

It was really good in the beginning, but we have sort of fizzled out a bit. Just have to keep praying for those that aren't as excited about it.

Here is a few pics of my silly girlies!

Well thats about all for now! Until later!
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Time for Round THREE!

Yeah! I'm THRILLED! I never would have thought before I got pregnant with Chloe, or even after she arrived I would ever want, or have, three kids! I never even LIKED kids! ;)

So I found out when I was almost 4 weeks, July 11th, to be exact. The weekend after fourth of July. We had went over to Lee's parents to do our firework celebration and I had just happened to pick up some of those dollar pregnancy tests that day as I was getting a few other things to take over there.

We had decided the month before to go ahead and start trying. Well, actually I THOUGHT we had, until Lee found out I was off my pills and said he had no idea I was serious. WHA??

Anyway, we got that worked out, and we didn't even really TRY real hard the next month, but I went ahead and grabbed one of the tests out of the truck and went into the in laws bathroom to do my thing. Well low and behold as I'm standing there watching it I see something start showing up and I say to myself, hm, that looks kinda like a line...THAT IS A LINE!!

SO! There you have it! As far as I know right now I am 8 weeks 3 days going off when my last period was. Which I know exactly because I was using this neat fertility app. But, until we do our first ultrasound I won't know for sure. You can ovulate late, or early, so when the egg actually got fertilized can be different for everyone.

But FINALLY our first ultrasound is Thursday! Two more days! Whoop whoop! I went in two weeks ago for blood work and family history junk, but didn't see the doctor. I will go in Thursday at 3:30 for the ultrasound and then see Dr. Wideman at 4:00. SO EXCITED! But I will also be a bit nervous. I know of two of my friends who had a miscarriage just within the last month or month and a half. Both found out because they couldn't see the heartbeats on their ultrasound. SNIFF. It's been rough, they are doing okay now, but it just makes me more aware, you know? I know I have had two perfectly healthy babies, but still. Anything can happen.

I have been feeling pretty good so far! The nausea crap started about week 6 and is still here, but it's not been too awful. I haven't been real tired like I was with Shelby. I do get out of breath but if I remind myself to take deep breaths until it passes, I do fine. We went on a canoing trip with our small group a few weeks ago and I did better then all the other girls there, lol.

Here is a bitty belly pic! YES, already I have a belly. This is kind of alarming me. One - because that means I will be BIG AS A HOUSE in March before I deliver. Two - It's starting to freak me out that it may be twins or something!! EEP.

8 weeks 3 days

So in other news, Chloe is starting KINDERGARTEN TOMORROW! I know, what the mess??? We could have held her back another year since she JUST turned 5 the 5th, but Lee and I both talked/prayed about it and feel this is best. Much to the dismay of the in laws -_-.

We had her open house last night and it went well! Her teacher seems nice.

It was kind of neat being there and knowing we are part of a school system, team, family etc again. I think it will be great. I definitely plan on helping in the classroom when I can!

UPDATE! So I didn't get this published yesterday. And today was her first day! I CANNOT believe how awesome and great she did. She didn't cry a bit! I had a little bit of trouble getting her to take off her backpack and sit at her desk but once she did she just started coloring and was so good. I flashed her a I love you sign and she waved at me as I walked out. SO PROUD! SNIFF!

I can't wait to hear how her day went. I'm probably going to text her teacher about 12, lol, just to see how she's doing. It was only girls today and only boys tomorrow, so she will have tomorrow off. Which works great because my dr appointment is tomorrow and I wanted her to be there to see the ultrasound! Then back to school all together Friday.

Here is my big girl!

Scotty had to help take pics, too, lol

Flashing me the I love you sign as I walked out ;)

So, I guess thats it! I will update after our ultrasound tomorrow! Adios!

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7 Months!

Well, I suck at posting lately! Haven't even thought of it, really. Anyway, lets get to what is going on at the moment!

So on Fourth of July Shelby will be 7 months! That is this Friday. She is such a sweet, happy baby, thank GOD! We finally got her over all her sickness and ear infections, hopefully. (I say hopefully because something has been bothering her this week and not sure what it is yet, hopefully teething!!)

She is officially an outdoors baby now! Last weekend she went with us on an overnight canoe trip, was so fun. We camped Friday night at a place just over the TN line, then went canoeing all morning and afternoon. She was really good until she got sleepy, then she never did get a good nap, so I ended up nursing her a lot.

Anyway, lets get into what Ms Shelby Marie is doing lately! She sits up really good now, but still topples if she leans too hard the wrong way. She is now in her OWN room, thank God, and sleeping much, much better. I kicked Lee's brother out of Chloe's room (they are still living with us) so she could get out of Shelby's bed and back in her big girl room. The last two weeks she has been waking up twice a night most nights, but she isn't hard to get back to sleep. Probably just a phase.

She LOVES our food and sweet tea, lol. But not so much on the baby food. She does like the puffs things pretty good though. She is eating about every 4+ hours now, yeah. Here schedule is usually wake up around 9, drive to work and fall asleep in the car, sleep from 2-3 hours. Usually about 12 then, so we go get lunch, I feed her, then she plays a bit before going back to sleep in the back room for a bit. Usually doesn't last long unless it stays pretty quiet in the shop. She has been sleeping in there now for quite a while though, yeah! She did an hour 45 the other day, been about an hour in there today. Like I said before, something has been bothering her so she usually sleeps a lot when she is not feeling good. I have her a chiro appointment Thursday, new dr. A good friend of mine worked at our normal chiro and had a falling out there, so I decided to switch. Never got a real good vibe off him anyway. If I like her I might ask about prices for me. I have been having some weird shoulder pain for over a month now.

So! Shelby is around 16+ lbs right now. And really not a whole lot more to report. She rolls around on the floor good, and today when I had her on her mat every time I turned back around she had spun herself a new direction, lol.

It's freaking HOT around here right now! 90's and tons of humidity. UGHH, sucks to be outside after 8am and before 7pm. I can't believe its July already though. Gosh, the summer is flying by.

Lee's family  is finally about to move out I think, they are going to rent a house in town for a while till they get something going over at their place. Probably going to be a double wide. I will be SO glad to get back to normal. It's been 6 months. Crazy. We only lived in our house with Shelby for a month before things got crazy.

My old QH Daisy died the other day. :( Really going to miss her. She was a great horse. I haven't been horseless for a long time. Feels strange. And immediately makes me want to buy another one like NOW. When it's in your blood, it's in your blood, lol. She was a good old girl and lived a great life. She got to eat as much as she wanted and just be a horse most of her life. Was a great mama to three foals... She only started looking even part of her age this last winter. So I'm thankful!

Well, started trying to get our finances in place again last month. I sat down with Dustin and he set me up a system, let me know where we are and where we need to be. The problem is IMPLEMENTING it! I am really struggling. Numbers just wig me out!! I'm trying though. We have got to get it under control. I hope by next post I will be able to talk about my sucess with it.

Chloe is doing well! She will be FOUR next month! Holy crap!! SNIFF! Time slow down! I can't believe she will be in school next year, makes me want to cry! I'm so proud of the girl she is. She is so sweet and caring, and loving. She loves her little sister and will do anything for her. She goes potty all by herself (hardly EVER has an accident) brushes her teeth by herself. Can get dressed by herself. She is learning some letters and can count to 14 or so. She is a little artist. She loves drawing. And playing with water, lol. She is still definitely my drama/girlie girl. She wants to do ballet so bad but I just don't know...I think she will have a hard time. I put her in cheerleading on Wed nights at church for three weeks and she ended up not liking it at all. Ballet is too expensive to be a waste of time, you know?

My grandpa died last month as well. It was time. He was miserable. Meme is doing ok, but definitely sort of lost without him. Thankfully her sisters are here to help her for a while, and then are going to take her back to OR with them in a few weeks. I sang Grandpa by The Judds for him at his funeral. It's really opened me up to playing my guitar again, its a lot of fun. I even brought it on the canoeing trip and we sang some praise and worship songs that night around the fire.

Well better get some work done, tata!

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Spring Time!

It finally decided to STAY warm around here! Well, for now at least, lol. It has been mostly 80's for a few weeks now, so maybe we are safe!

So! Lets run down current events. Um, Easter was okay, it rained so much they couldn't hunt in the yard. Lee's family is STILL living with us. *Sigh* Lee bought a new truck, a 2004 F250 diesel that he loves. I have a new car too, got it in Feb or something, its a '03 Expedition, love everything except putting over a $100 in it a week for gas, sigh. We have had never ending sickness running through the house for 2 months. I think we MIGHT be done with it for now, please Lord. My poor babies have been sick so much. Chloe had a AWFUL ear infection last week that caused her to throw up and have a terrible fever of 103+ for two night. It was kinda scary.

Shelby is doing good except for SLEEPING. You know how I bragged on her last post?? Hahahaha. I read that again and was like, SIGH, why can't she still be like that??? So for about two weeks now she has been waking up at LEAST twice, and then again in the morning early, between 5 and 7. And she will NOT be put back to sleep by anything but nursing. I used to be able to pat her hiney or a bit and she would be fine. No more! I CAN get her to sleep by holding her laying down and bouncing on the bed while patting her hiney, but as SOON as I put her in her bed she wakes back up and I end of having to feed her ANYWAY!! GRRRRRRRRR. I know, I know, these days shall pass. But um, they can go already, we have had enough!! Right at 4 months she started this crap. Like the day after. And its gotten worse and worse. We tried leaving her out of her swaddler thing last night thinking maybe it would help, but nope. She is really too big for it anyway. I would be putting her in her new room (and already having her sleep in there for naps) BUT we have house guests still which makes that out of the question.

So, Lee and I keep hoping it will soon PASS. She has slept all night once in like a month. BOO! Poor Jesse and Josh have to hear her every night too, lol.

Anyway! She is doing great otherwise. She is so good at picking up toys now, and sitting up by herself very well. She still topples but doing really good most of the time. She turned 5 months old a few days ago! I started her on rice cereal a fe weeks ago and she loves it. Its just kind of a pain for me because I have to pump milk to put in it. She also likes apples, but not as much as her rice cereal. She did NOT like squash and ate a little of bananas and carrots, but then started gagging, lol. She will drink out of a cup! But its a messy process.

She started touching faces a few weeks ago, its so cute, and she will reach for you if you are near her. She smiles all the time. She is generally a happy baby. She loves playing under her play mat, and rolling around on the floor. She is pretty good at rolling over from her belly to her back now!

Our daily routine has changed now. She hardly every sleeps in the morning now. Usually we get here around 10, she plays for a bit and then eats around 11. Then we go get lunch and she takes her a hour to two hour nap in the car. Then she eats again and plays then we are gone to the park to jog! Today was a bit different though, she took a short nap after we got here in the car. Then ate at 11, then we played a bit before going to lunch and she is still sleeping out there. Only about an hour to go! I think tonight we are going to jog then let Chloe play on the swing set a bit. Then take Lee some dinner over at his side job and hang out there. I just don't like being at home without him.

Well, about time to get outta here, till later!